Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Photo of the First Tooth!

Here it is! After weeks of attempting to capture the illusive incisor, Mick finally lay claim on the prize! Just in time for number two to burst onto the scene...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Space Shuttle Discovery

I went to the Cape last week to work on a CAD Interoperability Standard for NASA (I know, nerd alert). Anyway, as motivation to get everyone to make the trip, we were planning to see the Space Shuttle Discovery launch on 2/12/2009. Needless to say, the launch was delayed and so we took a tour of the Shuttle on the luanch pad instead. As it turned out, it was probably more interesting since we were able to see the hardware up-close and personal. Hopefully I get to go back again sometime to see a launch before the Shuttle retires in 2010.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cash is five months old!

We are having a hard time believing that our little boy is almost half-a-year old already! It doesn't seem like that long ago we were in the hospital, awaiting Cash's arrival and now we can't remember what life was like without him.

Cash is closing in rapidly on 20 ponuds. He has really made some developmental strides this month. He has now mastered both rice and oat cereal, as well as bananas, sweet pototoes (faves), apples, carrots (yum), and peas (not the best, but will do). He is also taking sips of water from a real cup, which he finds to be a ton of fun! He can roll from his back to his front now. This is in addition to the front to back rolling he started a couple months ago.

A couple weeks ago, he started to sleep a SOLID 12-13 hour stretch at night, but with the introduction of his first tooth, we have taken a couple steps back. That's ok; we now know he can do it and have a renewed strength due to a week of good sleep.

He is a very active little boy - always wanting to stand and dance. He loves to play and be entertained, which is an all day activity, since napping is not a significant part of our day (his choice, not mine!).

We're looking forward to seeing what changes are in store in the months to come!