Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, Blue Bonnets and other random things...

He is risen indeed! We had a great time with Cash on his first Easter. There was an egg-hunt at church and even though we basically just plopped Cash down in front of a few eggs, it was fun to see the excitement of the other kids and know that is just around the corner for us!

After many months of intentioanlly not introducing the pacifier, Cash has suddenly decided to take it...and by that I mean he likes to have it at all times. Yet another example of having the best intentions and yet, somehow the reality is different. I have to admit that my weakness comes at the effectiveness of the pacifier. It is really nice to pop it in and have the fussiness cease. A nice break when your kid has been trying to cut teeth for weeks!

A few weeks ago, a beautiful patch of Blue Bonnets bloomed across the street from our development. It's the Texas state flower and it seems that everyone here takes their kids to get photographed in them. So when in Rome (or Houston, in this case)...Only a few minor sna-foos; I wasn't aware it was illegal to pick them, so Cash and I both plucked a couple (notice I didn't post those pics). I also had to promptly call Mick to have him google "blue bonnet toxicity" because Cash promptly put said plucked petals in his mouth...and swallowed...and then choked. But, alas, a racing heartbeat later, he was fine and I had slimy petals in my hand.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to AZ

A few weeks ago, Cash took his first plane ride to Arizona to visit his Gigi and Rompa. He was such a champ and, aside from wanting to sleep in bed with me, he handled all the new locations like a pro! We spent the week in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson, so he got to see a lot of the state. He also got to go for his first hike in the desert and swim in the pool. He loved them both! I was thankful to have Mick come out at the end of the week. Travelling on the plane with an extra pair of hands was so much better, even though Cash didn't so much as fuss for a minute! He just kept peeking between the seats at the people in the row behind and giggling. We definately learned that travelling with a baby is not a vacation, but we really enjoyed the time with friends and family!