Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a busy summer!

So sorry for the almost two month hiatus in posting. As you can see from the over fifty photos I just posted, it's been a busy summer. Cash and I went to New Mexico in July to visit my Grandparents, followed two weeks later to a family vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the whole Anderson clan gathered to celebrate my other Grandparents' 80th birthdays.

We were also blessed to have the Flattery's come visit in early August and we got to celebrate the upcoming addition of their daughter with a virtual baby shower. It was great to have so many California friends in the "same room" again!

On the fourteenth, Mick and I celebrated five years of marriage. Wow! Five years and two kids later. Yup, I said TWO kids. We have another one due in mid-March. Hold onto your hats folks. And we thought this summer was crazy!